All the benefits of Abevia UHT Milk Together with the goodness of Malt, Cereal and the rich creamy taste of Chocolate. The ideal long lasting milk fortified with 7 Vitamins plus Minerals

Source of
Vitamin C

No artificial



More Milk, More Life

Dairy products are considered to be a foundation of health for many cultures. With ABEVIA, our flagship dairy brand, we leverage the best of our science and product expertise to provide families with both nutritionally enriched milk products and delicious dairy treats.

While our dairy products have many natural nutritional benefits, such as provision of calcium, sometimes they need to do more. At NUTRIDOR, we are proud to offer affordable dairy products under ABEVIA brand that also help to address local micronutrient deficiencies, particularly in developing countries.

Our Belief

Food is an endless source of benefits. It contributes daily to your health and well-being. We at Nutridor believe in tomorrow where food will be a key asset to reinforce healthy living around the world, delighting all families for a inspired life.

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