Keeping in line with our groups vision of paving the way for a “Healthier Tomorrow”, Nutridor has a clear path towards its social responsibilities. Based out of Thailand, Nutridor supports various activities keeping the organization vision of “Delighting Family, Inspiring Life”.

The objectives of these activities are not only to inspire and improve the life of the current generation but also to build a sustainable future for generations to come

Nutridor supports Zy Movement Foundation www.zmf-asia.org www.facebook.com/zymovement, under the campaign “Nutridor for Children with mobility impairment”.

Besides this, Nutridor hold executive sponsorship of “Climb to Change a Life” which can help develop the ability to live independently for children with mobility impairment as well as support the development of infrastructure to make equal living in our society. This is what we call a Sustainable Social Responsibility

Will continue on our endeavor to join hands with partners who share similar vision.

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