Buy sweetened condensed milk of the finest quality in UAE

At Nutridor Limited, we understand how frequently dairy products are used in a household, and for this reason, we have gained global recognition by delivering quality yet affordable dairy products for the past 25 years. With an ever-growing clientele across multiple continents and as a 100% subsidiary of TGI Group – an international investment and holding company - we are dedicated to taking forward TGI Group’s humble mission of investing in emerging economies and enhancing their available resources. It is for this reason that we ceaselessly innovate and manufacture products that are just the right choice for local consumption as well as the worldwide market.

With time, ABEVIA has become synonymous with quality and innovation. Our condensed milk products are rich in nutrients, deliver the best value for your money and are consistently available to create value for our consumers, stakeholders and investors. To add to that, these have been fortified with iron, zinc, vitamin A and a range of other micronutrients to address local micronutrients requirements in growing children so they can lead hearty and healthy lives.

Nutritional Facts