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Flavour - Plain

With a consumer base of over 25 million across the world, the team at Nutridor Limited is dedicated to providing all the nutrients required for good health through food and drinks. As a part of TGI Group - an international investment and holding company – we at Nutridor are focused on benefitting consumers of all ages and backgrounds by giving them what is needed for a better life. Since our establishment, we have ceaselessly innovated healthy, nutrient-rich products, and now also make it possible for you to buy yogurt drink in Dubai.

With our strawberry flavoured yogurt drink, you can now easily replenish your energy during the hot summer days. Manufactured under our flagship dairy brand ABEVIA, the drinks are full of calcium, vitamin B2, and so much more. So not only do you get to benefit from the wonders of yogurt, you also get to enjoy its flavourful taste. Most importantly, the yogurt drinks are free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives – it’s natural, it’s healthy, and it’s delicious!

Nutritional Facts


Flavour - Strawberry

Now available in strawberry flavour. All the goodness in yoghurt and strawberries that give you the nutrients you need.

Nutritional Facts